Flux by Jason Little


Flux is a specialist environmental design and engineering consultancy, dedicated to delivering game-changing sustainable solutions in the built environment.

The team at Flux have delivered pioneering projects of significant value and depth of innovation, in markets and cities across the world. In a nutshell, their focus is to remove the complexity and over-engineering that often plagues sustainable design, helping to create environments that are self-sustaining and future-proofed against environmental impact. Their capabilities are built from a platform of strong scientific analysis and thinking, with an aggressive focus on emerging clean technologies.

The flexible identity was developed to portray their innovative approach, and act as a strong signal to their process of simplification and elimination. The graphic strikethrough device can be used to distill lengthyinformation to its core message, imply the removal of the unnecessary, and act as a recognisable visual language for the organisation. – Jason Little

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